Helmet Plug Wiring Help


Think You Know Your Helmet Plug?
Over the years plug color and wiring has changed. Nascar is still the same but the standard IMSA plug as racers have known it for years has been changed, some wiring options have been around for years used in other forms of communications but other companies have entered the race business and decided to make their mark and change it around. Not good but they did it so that once you bought from them then you had to buy the rest of the kit from them and nobody else. In most cases it has worked but we have made at least 4 adaptors to help you convert from Nascar to IMSA, IMSA to Nascar, Stilo to Nascar and Stilo to IMSA. Go to our home page and look under adaptors.
We don't make everything but we make more anybody else.
Hope this page was some help.

2nd pic just added 11 19 2019 if you are using a push pin helmet kit or just rewiring feel free to use the below information

the below info is also included in our push pin 3 piece helmet kits

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